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The courage to change

Simona Ciari founded Anomisa in 2016 in Florence. Like a sort of rewind – Anomisa in fact is formed from Simona’s name read backwards – the atelier shop represents a real turning point for Simona. Change is part of life but it is the courage with which we face it that can make the difference, and which can lead everyone to realize themselves and their authenticity.

What do we do


Creation of works of art and handcrafted objects. Bags, bronze jewellery, paintings, lamps, mirror frames and revisited furniture.

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Creation of bronze jewelery for women and men, leather or fabric bags, personalized and made-to-measure furnishing accessories. Interior design.

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Artistic and artisanal manufacturing courses, design courses for small groups. Events and presentations related to art and Made in Italy.

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Why Anomisa?

Anomisa is not a simple shop, it is not even an art gallery. Anomisa is a place-non-place, where you can find a stimulating environment and opportunities for sharing.

Anomisa opened its doors in 2016 in the historic district of Santo Spirito and a stone’s throw from Piazza Pitti. It is an area full of shops where you can still breathe the artisan air and which has contributed to making Florence famous throughout the world.

Born from Simona Ciari’s desire to change, to express her creativity and share it through the creation of works of art, jewelery and much more.

Anomisa is a place of research and contamination, open to continuous developments and evolutions.

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